Author Abigail

Abigail obtained her BA in Journalism from The University of Nottingham. She joined Emma in August 2018. She is now dedicated to helping others achieve the best night's sleep. Her hobbies include netball, playing the tuba, travelling and of course sleeping.
Sleep Apnoea: What Is It and How To Cure It?
What is sleep apnoea?   Sleep apnoea is a disorder that involves the temporary stopping of breathing during sleep. It...
Assortment of essential oils on a table
The Best Essential Oils To Help You Sleep Better
Nature has gifted us with a plethora of options that can help us get a better night’s sleep. Often...
man lying on ground asleep in gym
What Is Sleep Deprivation?
Have you ever spent all night tossing and turning? Ending up sleepless and cranky the next day? Missing out...
Man snoring next to girlfriend
Snoring: What Is It and How To Treat It?
What is Snoring?   Have you ever had someone complain to you about your snoring? Have you ever had...
Lucid Dreaming: What Is It and How To Do It?
What is lucid dreaming?   Have you ever been in a dream where you have realized you are dreaming?...
Assortment of blueberries - blue theme
The Best Healthy Late-Night Snacks
We have all been there. Lying in bed, stomach growling and struggling to fall asleep. It’s too late to...
pug with woman
The True Importance of Sleep
Everybody does it. It’s perfectly natural. Some do it naked and some do it with their clothes on. Some...

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